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Charlie Sheen Quick News for February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Selma Blair had read for the part of Charlie Sheen’s therapist in Anger Management and had the full support of the man himself, who said that he really wanted to work with her. But producers the other day seemed a bit wary about jumping in right then and were said to be looking at other […]

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Jon Cryer Disses Sheen at Awards Show

February 1, 2012 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Jon Cryer, Sheen’s former brother on the show Two and Half Men, was interviewed at the 2012 Screen Actor’s Guild Awards. When asked about Ashton Kutcher, he couldn’t help but praise his new co-star, but had to get a dig in anyway for his old one. Some people are saying that it’s a bit childish […]

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Charlie Sheen Says Two and Half Men Should End

January 26, 2012 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Charlie Sheen is either very caring about his old castmates and their professional careers or he is trying to clear some space at the top for his own show “Anger Management” or a little of both. Once CBS’s brightest star, Sheen says that they should end Two and Half Men so that those on the […]

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Charlie Harper Returns to Two and Half Men, Sort Of

November 4, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Chuck Lorre, producer of Two and Half Men, was so adamant about not having Charlie Sheen ever come back, he killed his character Charlie Harper off. Presumably he didn’t want Harper’s ghost to haunt the show and give Ashton Kutcher a fair chance to replace Sheen. But the description for the latest episode makes one […]

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Charlie Sheen Top Paid TV Personality for 2011

October 14, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

No one has to tell you that it’s been a rough year for Charlie Sheen, but Forbes Magazine just announced that his final year before the chaos was a big one for the actor.

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Charlie Sheen Quick News for September 19, 2011

September 19, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

There was a lot to cover today for Sheen as he was roasted, eulogized and this weekend, presented an Emmy, so let’s get to it. First off, of course, was his Celebrity Roast on Comedy Central that we’ve been talking about for weeks, airing opposite the first episode of Two and Half Men and I […]

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Charlie Sheen Honored With Send Off

August 10, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Charlie Sheen tweeted that he was honored that Two and Half Men would send him off in such a bizarre fashion and no doubt will be setting his Tivo to see his own funeral, as he’s going to be a bit busy that night trying to one-up CBS with his roast on Comedy Central at […]

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Charlie Harper (Sheen) To Be Killed Off After All

June 27, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Well it seems like Charlie Harper, the character formerly acted by Charlie Sheen, will be meeting his demise after all, making sure he will never be back ever. At first Chuck Lorre said that he didn’t plan to kill off Harper and that seemed to make the most sense. After as many seasons as the […]

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Jon Cryer Speaks About Charlie Sheen

June 10, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Jon Cryer, Charlie Sheen’s ex co-star on Two and Half Men, has stayed relatively quiet about the whole matter, except for his response to be called a troll. He got on Conan a while back and said that he was indeed a troll, the under the bridge kind, which made the audience crack up. But […]

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More Quick News for May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011 by Sheen Tracker No Comments divider image

Today’s news is not so much what Sheen did, but what his actions have caused others to do or to talk about him. You’ll see what I mean in a second. Warner Brothers, who is the studio that produces Two and Half Men, has decided not to submit the CBS show to the Emmys for […]

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Charlie Sheen’s...


They say the wheels of justice move slowly. I thought in order to arrest...

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Sheen Apologizes to...


As we mentioned the other day, Charlie said during a phone interview with the...

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Charlie Sheen Does...


Apparently Charlie Sheen has actually gone a day or two without putting his...

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